Drones and Flying Things

A look at the state of the drone industry, cinematography using drones and the law as it applies to drones.

Paul Antico has been creating digitally-based art for over 30 years, originally starting when just 8 years old utilizing with ASCII-based graphics on a Timex/Sinclair 1000 computer. Over time, Paul expanded to print, then online, and always with an eye for film and video production using whatever digital tools were hot at the time. At a young age, Paul produced both local studio-based TV shows and musical video pieces for his local Cable TV station long before such pieces became popular on today's YouTube and Vimeo internet sites. Paul later created or produced visual artwork for diverse entities such as UMass Amherst, The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Infoteria Corporation in Japan.

His love for making motion pictures and graphic design has continued into his current work both for his own production company, Anticipate Media, and for his employer of nearly 12 years - the US Department of Homeland Security. Paul currently focuses on producing emotionally charged, cinematic content for law enforcement, security, and public safety entities. From working with VHS editing systems to internationally distributed, cinematic-style training films for major State and Federal agencies, Paul remains at the forefront of making visuals digitally..


Kade Crockford, director of the technology for liberty program at the ACLU of Massachusetts


Michael Murie writes for Filmmaker Magazine's website and blogs at Having crashed many remote-control vehicles over the years, he bought a DJI Phantom about four months ago, and has been amazed at how easy it is to fly.


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