Opportunities and Challenges: Fighting Dragnet Government Surveillance in the Snowden Era

Kade Crockford

Kade Crockford is the director of the technology for liberty program at the ACLU of Massachusetts. The tech for liberty project aims to harness technology in the service of core personal and social freedoms, while exposing and undermining corporate and government efforts to use technology to control, monitor, and oppress us.

Kade is currently working on a long-term project to document and challenge the militarization and federalization of state and local law enforcement. The project focuses on the procurement and deployment of advanced surveillance and weapons systems. She lobbies, publishes, works with journalists and educators, and conducts research towards the end of reining in the surveillance state.

Kade built and maintains the dedicated privacy website, which hosts the Privacy Matters blog, available at Find her on Twitter, where she's always running her mouth about something (likely NSFW): @onekade.




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