A small group of individuals had a collective passion for the potential of IoT, and thus formed the "IoT Iniative" in 2013. The intent was in the spirit of the dictionary definition of Initiative: the ability to assess and initiate things independently as in "use your initiative, imagination, and common sense".

Looking to create a fun, interactive, and educational forum to broaden and share knowledge of IoT, this group put in motion the first-ever "IoT Fest" for 2/22/2014. Festivals have a rich tradition of being community-based, sometimes seasonal events, Wikipedia tells us the word fest is derived from the Latin word festivus or festus (happy) - and we trust that is true. It certainly is our goal.

You only have to look a short way back in modern history to the Woodstock Festival in order to realize there can be something special about these fest-ful events. Our goal is for these events to continue.

Founding Members

Brian DeLacey shaped the early event plan and framed the initial agenda for the IoT Festival. Brian is leading the "Home/Personal/Wearbles" track and helped garner support from our premiere sponsors.

Kurt Keville works on low-power embedded HPC systems for modeling and simulation. Kurt organized the "Industrial/Robotics Track" and is a long-time practitioner and expert in all technologies that are small and powerful.

Michael Murie created our graphic design and event identity as well as the website. Michael organized the Drone Demos and Panel Discussions. He is a true creator with books on media and the popular Notes on Video blog.

2/22/2014 Event Volunteers

Federico Lucifredi chairs the "Core Technologies" track. Federico is the maintainer of 'man' and the Ubuntu Server product manager at Canonical. A Harvard University and Boston College graduate, he enjoys arcane hardware issues and shell-scripting mysteries.

Chris Rezendes put together the 'Making Dirt and Water Smart' track, exploring IoT opportunities in municipalities and the environment. Chris is working with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs, enterprise executives and NGO leaders through his IoT advisory firm, INEX Advisors.

James Donner is responsible for the social media presence and webcasts before and during the IoT Festival. James is currently a senior at Emerson College studying Marketing Communications as well a part time employee at Canonical.

Each sponsor and each attendee becomes an integral part of the IoT Initiative.

Creativity fused with technology and the internet - together we will connect things.

© 2014 The IoT Initiative