A number of industry innovators and leaders are committed sponsors of this first ever IoT Fest:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (aka MIT) has provided the state-of-the-art classroom and meeting space with free WiFi in one of the world's most creative, innovative and educational settings.

Texas Instruments
has a number of products providing fundamental building blocks for IoT. TI's University Program has, once again, provided substantial support for innovative grass roots initiatives at MIT.

, through their Quark Solutions Division and IoT Solutions Group provided substantial support. Their passionate desire to see teams of people engage the Internet of Things through the lens of a Maker was evident in their numerous announcements at CES 2014.

organizes and funds the Community of developers that make the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu has been available on the ARM platform since 2009 (9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope"), and as a founding member of Linaro's enterprise group Canonical continues to spearhead the development of Linux standards for the architecture. As an early supporter of new technology, Canonical and the Ubuntu Community support the adoption of low-power, highly connected Intel or ARM devices in the Internet of Things, and related development and teaching activities.

Isis3D is making things in the IoT Fest "Creator Hut". Isis3D was founded in 2012 by two University of Chicago alumni as a research and development lab committed to creating accessible yet powerful 3D printers. Their first product is the Isis One Desktop 3D Printer, which fully closes the gap between "consumer" and "pro" 3D printers.  

Since 1978, O'Reilly has been a chronicler and catalyst of leading-edge development, homing in on the technology trends that really matter and galvanizing their adoption by amplifying "faint signals" from the alpha geeks who are creating the future. An active participant in the technology community, O'Reilly has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism.  

Anaren is a publicly traded company that was founded in 1967 as a supplier of microwave components. Their wireless group introduced AIR, the Anaren Integrated Radio, with low-power RF technology for use in building systems (HVAC, lighting); wireless sensor networks; battery powered controls; smart grid appliances; and much more.  

Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  

Wiley's roots trace back to 1807, when 25-year-old Charles Wiley opened a small printing shop. Today, Wiley's Global Research business is a provider of content-enabled solutions to improve outcomes in research, education and professional practice with online tools, journals, books, databases, reference works and laboratory protocols.  

INEX Advisors helps drive successful business model development, value creation and revenue growth strategies for all organizations striving to capitalize on the Internet of Things evolution.  

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