IoT Fest

The IoT Initiative organizes two events: Iot Fest and IoT Init.

Details for "An Evening of IoT at MIT" on 9/19/2014 are at

The IoT Fest is one full day of free public celebration of creativity, technology, and the internet. Speakers, demonstrations and hands-on sessions at MIT covering personal, commercial, and civil applications of IoT. Take this time to connect your real and digital worlds and celebrate what IoT can offer.

Creativity fused with technology and the internet - together we will make things.

PREVIOUS EVENT: Saturday, February 22, 2014
LOCATION: MIT Building E51, Cambridge, MA


The event was streamed. Links were posted to our Twitter account and also the agenda.



SEP 1 Our next related event is "Iot Init" on 9/19 at MIT. Get all the details and register at

SEP 1 Videos and slides from the 2/22 IoTFest have now been posted at

FEB 21 Science Friday covers Building an Open 'Internet of Things'.

FEB 20 Bob Frankston gave a talk at Google last month on "Borderless Connectivity", which has just been posted here. This video is good background for Bob's upcoming talk at the IoT Festival, where he will focus on what we can do with the opportunity while inviting the audience to think through the challenges.

FEB 17 INEX Advisors has joined us as a sponsor! Check out their recent talk at TedX in San Diego covering "The Emergence of the Internet of Things".

FEB 16 Due to demand, we are planning to stream the event for those who couldn't register. Stay tuned for details.

FEB 12 Wiley has joined us as a sponsor and is donating some of their latest titles for raffling off at the event.

FEB 9 We were able to secure additional meeting space (and food sponsors) for the event. As a result, we have been able to release a number of additional tickets to the Wait List. This should cover everyone currently on the Wait List. There may still be a few left, so put your name on the Wait List now!

We've updated the Agenda too!

JAN 29 Axeda, an M2M and Internet of Things company based in Foxboro, MA., has signed on as a Premiere Sponsor!

JAN 27 O'Reilly helps you learn - check out "Getting Started with the Internet of Things" and their Solid conference in May.

JAN 25 We're sold out! Currently, registration is full, but we're looking at ways to expand the attendance, so sign-up for the wait list to be first if more seating becomes available.

JAN 24 Anaren joins us as a Premiere Sponsor - the company was founded in 1967 and produces modules for wireless sensor networks including smart grid and real-time locating systems.

JAN 16 Registration is now open!

JAN 14 Welcoming Texas Instruments , Intel, Isis3D, O'Reilly, and Canonical as premiere sponsors!

JAN 14 The TI University Program is offering a cool, online embedded processing course!

JAN 14 Intel's Galileo Development Board is here today, and Edison was announced at CES.

JAN 14 Isis3D will be creating and making things with their new Isis One 3D printer as part of the "Creator's Hut"



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